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Technical Specification
Light source: LED 500W
Expected average lifetime: 20000 hours
Color temperature correction: 7000K
Lumens: 24000 lm
Zoom range: 10°~40°Linear high speed zoom, the spot is uniform and consistent in any range
CRI: ≥73/90
Focus: Any multi-point focus, 5 m to infinity tracking focus
Prism: 1 four-prism, CW/CCW rotation, variable speed.

Rotating gobo wheel: 1 interchangeable gobo rotator, 6 optional pattern pieces
Fixed gobo wheel: 1 fixed gobos + 7 pattern pieces + open, shake with variable speed.
Gobo outside diameter: 27 mm
Max. Image diameter: 22 mm
Max Thickness: 3.5 mm
Gobo material: High-temperature coated glass

Color wheel: 6 color gel and open gobo, bidirectional flow effect
CMY: Infinite color mixed
CTO: 7000K-2700K

Power input, nominal: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Max. Power consumption: 710W
Max current: 7.3A, PF: ≧0.97
Power supply unit: Wide range electronic
Main fuse: 250V/15A
Power input: Self-contain plug
DMX data input/output: Chassis 3-pin (waterproof)

Control and programming
Control channels (DMX): 19/17/25
Protocol: DMX-512 RDM
Display: OLED

Physical / Installation
Weight:30 kg(66.14 lbs.)
IP rating: IP66
Material: Aluminum, copper, steel, plastic, iron
Mounting points: 4 fixed folding lamp hook + attachment points for safety wire

Dynamic effects
Tilt movement: 260°, adopting a function which resets 32-bit accurately and automatically
Strobe: 1-25Hz, strobe randomly, pulse randomly, strobe synchronously and asynchronously
Dimmer: 0-100%, electronic linear dimming
Aperture: 0-100% linearity control, built-in a variety of aperture macro function

Operating range: 5˚F to 113˚F(-15˚C to 45˚C)
Startup range: -13˚F to 113˚F(-25˚C to 45˚C)
Storage range: -40˚F to 140˚F( -40˚C to 60˚C)
Cooling: Heat pipe radiator, active fan
Humidity: ≤85%

Certification and Safety
EMC: EN 55103-1:2009, EN 55103-2:2009, EN 61000-3-2:2006+A2:2009, EN 61000-3-3:2013,
Safety: EN 60598-2-17:1989/A2:1991, GB 7000.1-2015, GB 7000.217-2008
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